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Free Range Eggs

$4.00/lb. Our layers are free range. Their door is opened at dawn and closed at dark. In addition to the organic...

Ground Lamb

$14.00/lb.Grassfed Icelandic lamb, ground

Lamb Stew Meat

$14.00/lb. Grassfed Icelandic stew meat

Lamb Rib Chops

$20.00/lb. Icelandic lamb rib chops, usually two in a package

Lamb Loin Chops

$20.00/lb. Icelandic lamb loin chops, usually 2 per package

Leg of Lamb Chops/ Steaks

$19.00/lb. Chops cut from a leg roast, Great on the grill

Lamb Shoulder Roast

$16.00/lb. Icelandic lamb shoulder roast, bone in

Lamb Shoulder Chops

$16.00/lb. Chops cut from a shoulder roast, 2 per package, Bone in

Ground Goat

$12.50/lb. A nice lean meat, good for burgers.

Chorizo Sausage Links - Goat

$12.50/lb. A great way to try goat meat for the first time. Approx. 4 links to a package,

Boston Butt,

$9.50/lb. A Great flavor Roast, bone in

Picnic Roast

$9.00/lb. Picnic roast, Bone in

Country Style Ribs

$9.00/lb. Meaty thick ribs, with great flavor. 2-3 in a package

Pork Chops- Bone in

$10.00/lb. Marbled and full of flavor, these thick chops are a customer favorite.

Sirloin End Pork Chop

$10.00/lb. Nice Thick Chops great for grilling.

Tenderloin roast

$16.00/lb. A Beautiful tender roast you can cook whole or cut your own filets

Ground Pork

$8.00/lb Perfect for making meatloaf or your own sausage

Leaf Lard - Pork

Leaf Lard, render it down, and use for fine baking and cooking

Ribeye Steak- Veal

$20.00/lb A Beautifully Marbled Steak that is very tender and rich

Veal Brisket

$12.00/lb. Veal Brisket Nicely Marbled, flavorful, tender and rich.

Veal Flatiron Steaks

$16.00/lb. A great tender juicy cut, good for grilling

Veal Loin T-Bone Steak

$23.00/lb. Nice Thick 1 1/2 steak that is extremely tender with wonderful flavor

Veal Loin Porterhouse Steak

$23.00/lb. Our Daughters favorite Steak, so you better hurry! When grilled rare with just a little seasoning! Thick...

Ground Veal

$10.00/lb. Rich and flavorful, makes great Hamburgers and Meatballs

Veal Tenderloin Steaks

$26.00/lb. Tenderloin Steak two per package

Veal Cutlets

$11.00/lb. Thin cut perfect for breading or a quick meal

Veal Short Ribs

$9.00/lb. Package of 2 ribs,

Veal Kabobs

$11.00/lb. Prefect for kabobs on the grill

Veal Sirloin Flap

$14.00/lb. Similar to a skirt steak, rich and hearty flavor, maybe marinated.

Veal Cross Cut Shanks/ Osso Bucco

$12.00/lb. Beautiful 2" thick, with marrow bone

Veal Flank Steak

$14.00/lb. A lean piece of meat, good for grilling , marinating or braising

Skirt Steak- Veal

$12.00/lb. Great steak for marinating, and on the grill

Cutlets- Jersey Beef

$11.00/lb. 3-5 Thin steaks per Package

Rib Chops- Goat

$19.00/lb. Tender Chops, That are very lean with a light flavor. Great seared quickly, with a little salt and pepper....

Leg Roast- Whole-Goat

$18.00/lb. Whole leg roast, Very lean bone in for flavor, for best results, sear in a hot pan or grill first,and...

Neck Roast-Goat

$14.00/lb. Bone in neck roast- goat, This cut is best suited to moist,low and slow cooking methods, which break down...

Shoulder Roast-Goat

$17.00/lb. Goat Bone in shoulder roast, Cook the shoulder roast using low, slow, moist methods to allow the bone to...

Loin Roast -Goat

$18.00/lb. Bone in Goat Loin Roast, also called the saddle, this is the most tender and prized goat cut. This cut is...

Liver- Beef

$7.00/lb. Mild flavor with a smooth creamy texture

Liver- Veal

$7.00/lb. Very tender and mild with a smooth creamy texture.

Swiss Style Bratwurst-pork

$9.00/lb. A favorite of ours on the grill! Four per package.

Whole Pasture Raised Chicken

$5.50/lb Whole Chickens Fed organic Grain and raised on pasture eatings bugs and worms, Great flavor, No added water...

Half Chicken

$6.00/lb, Half of a Pastured chicken. Our chickens are raised on pasture, fed organic grain, and eating bugs and...

Bacon Nitrate Free

$14.50/lb, This is the best nitrate free bacon I have tasted!

Chicken Livers

$6.00/lb. 1 lb package of livers from our chickens

Chicken Gizzards

$4.00 / lb. Chicken gizzards from our pasture raised chickens

Chicken Necks

$4.00/lb. One pound package of our pastured Chicken Necks. Great to cook down and make broth.

Chicken Feet

$4.00/ package. 10 feet, approximately 1 lb. Cleaned and skinned, ready to make broth.

Chicken Feet

$4.00/ package. 10 feet, approximately 1 lb. Cleaned and skinned, ready to make broth.

Loin Roast Whole

$11.00/lb. A beautiful boneless loin roast from our pure bred Ossabaw Island pigs. Nice lard layer for great...

Spare ribs

$9.00/lb. Whole slab of pork ribs. .75-1.0lb

Smoked Hocks

$9.00/lb Nicely smoked hocks great for soups! Approximately 1.0lb

Fresh Pork Belly

$11.00/LB. Fresh Pork Belly, braise and make sandwiches, or do your own smoking. 3-5lb. If you have a size preference...

Pork Tongue

$3.00/lb. Make tongue tacos, Braised Tongue, Approx. 0.4 lbs

Cranberry Tart

A rich, surprisingly sweet tart that combines the flavor of cranberry, almond and nuts. Freezes well. $12.00 large...

Whole Leg Of Lamb

$19.00/lb Bone in Leg of Lamb from our pasture raised icelandic sheep.

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