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Goat Meat is a lean meat, great for slow cooking, chops are extremely tender and mild. If you are new to goat, try some chops, sausage or burger.

Ground Goat

$12.50/lb. A nice lean meat, good for burgers.

Chorizo Sausage Links - Goat

$12.50/lb. A great way to try goat meat for the first time. Approx. 4 links to a package,

Rib Chops- Goat

$19.00/lb. Tender Chops, That are very lean with a light flavor. Great seared quickly, with a little salt and pepper....

Leg Roast- Whole-Goat

$18.00/lb. Whole leg roast, Very lean bone in for flavor, for best results, sear in a hot pan or grill first,and...

Neck Roast-Goat

$14.00/lb. Bone in neck roast- goat, This cut is best suited to moist,low and slow cooking methods, which break down...

Shoulder Roast-Goat

$17.00/lb. Goat Bone in shoulder roast, Cook the shoulder roast using low, slow, moist methods to allow the bone to...

Loin Roast -Goat

$18.00/lb. Bone in Goat Loin Roast, also called the saddle, this is the most tender and prized goat cut. This cut is...

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