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Icelandic Lamb, Grassfed

Ground Lamb

$14.00/lb.Grassfed Icelandic lamb, ground

Lamb Stew Meat

$14.00/lb. Grassfed Icelandic stew meat

Lamb Rib Chops

$20.00/lb. Icelandic lamb rib chops, usually two in a package

Lamb Loin Chops

$20.00/lb. Icelandic lamb loin chops, usually 2 per package

Leg of Lamb Chops/ Steaks

$19.00/lb. Chops cut from a leg roast, Great on the grill

Lamb Shoulder Roast

$16.00/lb. Icelandic lamb shoulder roast, bone in

Lamb Shoulder Chops

$16.00/lb. Chops cut from a shoulder roast, 2 per package, Bone in

Whole Leg Of Lamb

$19.00/lb Bone in Leg of Lamb from our pasture raised icelandic sheep.

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