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Pork from our Ossabaw Island Hog crossed with a Gloucester Old Spot Pig

Boston Butt,

$9.50/lb. A Great flavor Roast, bone in

Picnic Roast

$9.00/lb. Picnic roast, Bone in

Country Style Ribs

$9.00/lb. Meaty thick ribs, with great flavor. 2-3 in a package

Pork Chops- Bone in

$10.00/lb. Marbled and full of flavor, these thick chops are a customer favorite.

Sirloin End Pork Chop

$10.00/lb. Nice Thick Chops great for grilling.

Ground Pork

$8.00/lb Perfect for making meatloaf or your own sausage

Leaf Lard - Pork

Leaf Lard, render it down, and use for fine baking and cooking

Bacon Nitrate Free

$14.50/lb, This is the best nitrate free bacon I have tasted!

Spare ribs

$9.00/lb. Whole slab of pork ribs. .75-1.0lb

Smoked Hocks

$9.00/lb Nicely smoked hocks great for soups! Approximately 1.0lb

Fresh Pork Belly

$11.00/LB. Fresh Pork Belly, braise and make sandwiches, or do your own smoking. 3-5lb. If you have a size preference...

Pork Tongue

$3.00/lb. Make tongue tacos, Braised Tongue, Approx. 0.4 lbs

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