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Rose Veal

We raise Rose Veal, Letting the cow raise its calf, it receives milk from its mother and runs the pasture with other calves. They are processed at 8-10 months old when they are 400-500 pounds. Their meat is very tender and red, and very healthy, low in colesterol, high in omega 3 and high in protein

Ribeye Steak- Veal

$20.00/lb A Beautifully Marbled Steak that is very tender and rich

Veal Brisket

$12.00/lb. Veal Brisket Nicely Marbled, flavorful, tender and rich.

Veal Flatiron Steaks

$16.00/lb. A great tender juicy cut, good for grilling

Veal Loin T-Bone Steak

$23.00/lb. Nice Thick 1 1/2 steak that is extremely tender with wonderful flavor

Veal Loin Porterhouse Steak

$23.00/lb. Our Daughters favorite Steak, so you better hurry! When grilled rare with just a little seasoning! Thick...

Ground Veal

$10.00/lb. Rich and flavorful, makes great Hamburgers and Meatballs

Veal Tenderloin Steaks

$26.00/lb. Tenderloin Steak two per package

Veal Cutlets

$11.00/lb. Thin cut perfect for breading or a quick meal

Veal Short Ribs

$9.00/lb. Package of 2 ribs,

Veal Kabobs

$11.00/lb. Prefect for kabobs on the grill

Veal Sirloin Flap

$14.00/lb. Similar to a skirt steak, rich and hearty flavor, maybe marinated.

Veal Cross Cut Shanks/ Osso Bucco

$12.00/lb. Beautiful 2" thick, with marrow bone

Veal Flank Steak

$14.00/lb. A lean piece of meat, good for grilling , marinating or braising

Skirt Steak- Veal

$12.00/lb. Great steak for marinating, and on the grill

Liver- Veal

$7.00/lb. Very tender and mild with a smooth creamy texture.

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